What are the Predicted Housing Market Trends for April?

According to TIME Magazine, we can expect the housing market to be busier than ever this summer. Supply and demand are controlling the market, and there are simply not enough homes to go around. The less inventory there is, the more the demand goes up. It is simply just the nature of the market. But how can we expect the housing market in April of 2022 to fare? See what the experts are saying!

Housing Market Predictions for April 2022

According to Homes for Heroes, we should see more new construction this year and more sellers on the market. These two factors together could change the current supply and demand issues, but not by that much. 

In the spring of 2021, over 70% of home listings saw a bidding war. The competition was fierce, especially for single family homes. So, can we expect that level of competition in April of 2022?

The housing market may still shift because of the change in inventory, but we are looking at a case-by-case basis. This means that the area you are searching for a home in may be the indicator of how the inventory is settling. The inventory is a huge factor in the market shift, however, we can still expect home prices to rise. The market will be hot in spring of 2022!

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