Elegant Black and White Décor Ideas

Using black and white décor is an elegant and classic way to style your home. Minimalist colors throughout your home allow you to accentuate color and easily create a mesmerizing, cohesive living space.

If you love the look of a black and white color scheme, these décor ideas are sure to impress.

  • Watercolor Painting Set

This set of two framed paintings feature a mesmerizing abstract design. Feel inspired by the free flow of the art. These art pieces were meant to be seen, as they are quite large and commanding.

  • Handwoven Wool Rug

This black and white handwoven striped rug comes in two sizes and is made from 100% wool. With a captivating pattern of corresponding stripes, this rug would look divine in your dining or living room.

  • Branded Stripe Chair

This deep-seated striped chair is modeled after a mid-century modern Italian shape. The bold black and white stripes make for a gorgeous accent piece. Lose yourself in a good book while lounging on this slightly reclined chair.

  • Victorian Wall Mirror

This traditional mirror will emphasize the elegance already present in your home. Choose between a gorgeous black or off-white beveled mirror. The detail of this incredible piece will have you asking, “Who’s the fairest of them all?”

  • Dot Comforter Set

This reversible full/queen comforter set has ikat dots throughout. Switch from black with white dots to white with black dots! This set includes the comforter and two standard shams.

  • White Block Lamp

A minimalist lamp would look amazing by your bedside! Formed on a potter wheel, this stunning clay lamp is white with black blocks throughout. Complete with a white linen shade for soft, diffused light, this lamp is subtle yet chic.

  • White Marble Frames

These sophisticated marble frames come in three shapes–circle, fluted rectangle, and rectangle. Make your black and white photographs stand out in these artistic frames.

  • Black Storage Ottoman

If you’ve been looking for a neutral colored ottoman, look no further! This faux leather black ottoman is a breathtaking accent piece. Complete with polished studs and carved wheels, this storage ottoman not only looks amazing, it’s functional as well.

  • Decorative Throw Pillow Set

Save time and effort looking for throw pillows by just investing in a cohesive set. This set features four black and white pillows of varying designs. Throw them on your bed or sofa for some artistic flair.

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