Cranberry Sauce Recipe for Thanksgiving Dinner at Your Encinitas Home

Thanksgiving is just two weeks away today! I hope you are having fun preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner with my blog posts about different Thanksgiving recipes for Thanksgiving dinner at your Encinitas house. Yesterday I told you how to make the perfect deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving, and today I will cover the number 1 side dish for Thanksgiving Dinner – Cranberry Sauce! This recipe for the perfect cranberry sauce will have your guests begging for seconds, so make sure you make some for yourself to add to those leftover turkey sandwiches with your deep fried turkey.

This cranberry sauce recipe requires fresh cranberries, brown sugar, orange juice, port, and a lemon. The cranberry sauce requires a day to cool off in the refrigerator so do not plan on making this an hour before Thanksgiving dinner! Give yourself plenty of time, and it would be best to prepare the cranberry sauce the night before Thanksgiving. Now, let’s get started on the perfect cranberry sauce recipe!

  1. Rinse 3 Cups Fresh Cranberries in a Colander and Pour into a Pot on the Stove
  2. Add ¾ Cup of Brown Sugar to the Pot
  3. Next, Add ½ Cup of Orange Juice to the Pot
  4. Here’s the Fun Part – Add ½ Cup of Port to the Pot *Note: Be Sure to have the Bottle of Port Opened and Breathing Before You Start!
  5. Consistently Stir the Pot on Medium to High Heat, Gradually Bringing to a Boil
  6. When the Cranberry Sauce starts to take a Gelatin form, Reduce Heat to a Simmer
  7. Scoop the Cranberry Sauce into Your Serving Bowl that You will Use on Thanksgiving
  8. Squeeze an Entire Lemon Half Over the Cranberry Sauce
  9. Refrigerate the Cranberry Sauce Overnight
  10. Serve the Perfect Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving Dinner and Enjoy the Compliments!

This recipe for cranberry sauce should be enough for about 10 dinner guests, so be sure to alter the portions if you are hosting more people at your Encinitas house for Thanksgiving. Be sure to check back with my blog tomorrow for another Thanksgiving dinner recipe!

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