Looking for Food in San Diego? Try Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria

If you make it a point to travel across the country, whether by train, car, or plane, you probably have noticed that each region, state, and city is host to its own unique traditions. It is always nice to experience the tastes and sounds found in other parts of the country, however it is not always easy or practical to fly Memphis to get a fill of blues music or travel to New Orleans for a fine Cajun dish. Luckily, living in a San Diego home lets you experience unique food, music, and cultures without traveling far!

If you have ever visited Chicago, I hope you made it a point to eat a slice or two of deep dish pizza. Many Chicagoans know that the best pizza is often provided by smaller family owned restaurants and often are loyal to those found in their local neighborhoods. There are a few options for great Chicago style pizza in and around Encinitas.

San Diego’s Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria identifies with the typical Chicago pizza place and is the home to delicious deep dish and thin crust pizza. Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria has awesome reviews and is a short drive from your home in Encinitas, San Diego, or Carlsbad. Lefty’s has two San Diego locations—one in North Park and one in Mission Hills. They are open Tuesday through Sunday and open to 9pm Sunday nights and 10pm every other business night.


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