Décor Trends of the Decades

Walking into an outdated home, you know when something is “so 70s”. From the best, to the worst, to the resurfaced, we’ve got the trends from the last 60 years.


Stretching into the 70s, the entire room being one color would be slightly overwhelming. Some colors that were popular tended to be frilly pink, red bunting, red vinyl, pea soup green, and yellow. Neutral toned but loud prints and small, floral wallpaper reigned where needed. Daybeds replaced real ones.


If your favorite color is green, you should’ve lived in the 60s. The kitchen was all green, your living room, and occasionally you’d pair green with a walnut brown. Couches were usually dark brown or striped fabrics, and somehow the white patio furniture found its way inside. On top of the circular shower, orange and yellow cabinets made their appearance in the kitchen.


How could anyone forget the 70s? Shaq carpets with all the new, innovative furniture and mustard yellow walls. The sunken spaces seemed to be an architectural signature, along with wallpaper galore. Red-lacquered kitchens and groovy bathrooms also have postmarked this era.


Yuppie styled room and track lighting made headway during this period. Stain glass pendants, glass block walls, and carpeted bathrooms were some of the style breakthroughs. Shabby chic and farmhouse-style prints were always accented by the lace grandma curtains.


The 90s seemed to be a cluster of styles. Overdone country themed rooms, vintage frilly spaces, French country toile, Japanese style, and the mix and match style seen on Friends scattered across every home. Jewel toned decorations and paint, along with that dark sage and outdoor neutral tones were some of the color choices of the time.


Vintage, vintage, vintage. Everything about the 2000s trends was “vintage”. We brought back floral fabric, 70s prints, shabby chic, brown furniture, gold, vintage glam, and adapted a sort of “flea market” look. We added a little 2000s unique touch with a single red accent in the room for a pop of color, or the dark wood kitchens.


In the last 7 years, we’ve definitely witness a lot tamer trends as the modern age takes over. Turquoise, black/white/gold preppy polka dots, typography, monograms and upholstered headboards typically adorn our main rooms. Animal prints and mounted animal heads have made a comeback at some point, but DIY items like mason jars seem to be the main decorations inspiration.

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