The Reality Check to Selling Your Home

ashtray, book, condoYou may have spent years making your house the perfect for home for your family, but what you’ve spent time on may not be what other people enjoy. When it comes to selling, you have to have regard for your home as a buyer. Without this thought in your head, you can risk overpricing or failing to make repairs which leads to longer time on the market.

Interview Multiple Agents

Before you settle with a real estate agent, sit down with a couple to gather everyone’s advice to see who has the best “game plan”. Every agent has suggestions on how to prepare your home: repaint any wild colors, clear the linen closets of clutter, etc. The best insight comes from the ones who are always selling homes.

Hire an Inspector

Conducting a pre-inspection will help you find problems you didn’t know existed. You’ll eventually conduct an inspection at some point and learning about problems early could save you money. If a buyer finds a repair, they’ll ask for a lot more money than the cost of the repair.

Consult a Home Stager

A stager will provide you professional feedback on how your home currently presents itself and how to make it marketable. They will let you know if anything is dated stylistically and if it would put off buyers. In the end, you don’t have to follow their advice, but it could help you sell.

Visit Other Houses in Your Area

One thing sellers don’t realize is the buyer pool in their area. Looking at comparable properties and look at their equivalent price. This could even help you get an idea ahead of time on how many homes are on the market and how much money you’ll want to price yours.

Have Your Target Market Walk-Through

Think back on who you were when you bought your home. The area most likely still fits that demographic, so find friends and family members who fit it to tour your home. Then, they’ll be able to give an honest assessment on who you’re trying to appeal to.

Post Pictures on Social Media

Only 10% of buyers can see beyond presentation, according to Get multiple opinions from the public based on your Facebook and Instagram likes and comments. It could help you choose which pictures display your home the best.

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