Eco-Friendly Lighting Options for Your Home

There are so many ways to incorporate environmental sustainability into your home or everyday life. In order to be kinder to the planet, you don’t have to sacrifice style, efficiency, or convenience. For example, one simple way to make the green switch is to reconsider your lighting options.

There are numerous ways for you to make the switch to eco-friendly lighting, from changing out your current bulbs to establishing good habits. You can do your part to better sustain the planet!

Update Your Bulbs

Traditional bulbs are not only harmful to the planet, but they can be costing you a pretty penny! Energy efficient bulbs typically use about 25%-80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Plus, they last longer–as much as 25 times longer!

Your lighting options are not limited with energy efficient bulbs. You can choose from a wide assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Use Recycled or Natural Fixtures

If you need new lighting fixtures, consider ones that are made from recycled, natural, or reused materials. There are many interesting, artistic lighting fixtures to choose from. You could have an eye-catching pendant lamp made of wood, rattan, ceramic, paper, or even felt.

You can find all kids of cool looking light fixtures online, such as suspended wine bottles for a cool modern look.

Make Use of Daylight

Instead of turning on your lights, establish good green habits by making use of natural light when possible. Open your blinds and arrange your furniture so you can read or work by sunlight.

If you’re worried about privacy, you can get blinds or shades that don’t obscure sunlight. You can use linen or cotton curtains to obscure the interior view without minimizing the natural light. Natural wood blinds look stunning and you can control how much light you want.

Conserve Energy

Be mindful of how much energy you consume every day. If you are leaving a room, make sure to turn off the lights. By reducing the wattage of your bulbs, you could change the atmosphere of a room and save on energy costs. Dimming could also change the mood and reduce the amount of electricity you use.

Minimize the amount of lighting you have. Numerous lamps and lighting fixtures in a room may look aesthetically pleasing, but they consume lots of energy.

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