Upgrade Your Floors with Easy Peel-and-Stick Tile

If you hate the look of your bathroom tile, or your current kitchen flooring, know that you can change it! Even if you don’t currently have the funds to remodel your home, you could temporarily update your flooring with peel-and-stick tiles!

With peel-and-stick tiles, you could have the look of new flooring without the high costs! Typically, for a medium sized living room that is 330 square feet, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $1,660 to $4,620!

Peel-and-stick tile offers quick, durable flooring for a fraction of the cost of new flooring! Don’t feel like you have to live with that dreadful flooring! Use peel-and-stick tile to improve your home life and your mood.

  • Moroccan Inspired Tile

This tile captures the elegance and look of Moroccan tile. This stunning peel-and-stick tile looks hand painted! The flower design is intricate and eye catching, intermixing the colors blue, green, tan, and white.

  • Black and White Marble

This peel-and-stick marble looks just like actual marble! This tile has a lively white border that encases a black and white diamond pattern that exudes elegance. Who said you needed to shell out a lot of money to look fancy? You could use this tile in your foyer, kitchen, bathroom, or hallway!

  • Mediterranean Stair Riser Tile

If your stairs could use some elegance, consider using these blue and white peel-and-stick tiles! You could recreate the look of a gorgeous Mediterranean house! The tiles come in precut sizes or you can request a custom size.

  • White Hexagon Tile

This stunning bright white tile is shaped like a hexagon! Featuring a realistic grey grout line, this peel-and-stick tile will completely transform your bathroom or kitchen! You could soon have a brand-new modern look without the hassle of a complete remodel.

  • Black and White Star Tile

This tile is black and white and features a stunning star pattern. The corners feature a small black star so that the tile arrangements are seamless. This tile is recommended for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Grey Vinyl Plank Tiles

If you prefer the look of wood planks over tiles, there are still options for you! This grey vinyl wood tile is stunning and still as easy to install as peel-and-stick tile. You could transform your living area in no time.

  • Queensland Tile

This intricate peel-and-stick tile is black and white and has a lovely geometric design. You could use this tile in your bathroom or kitchen. It even doubles as a backsplash! There are numerous sizes so you can install it anywhere!

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