Encinitas Alleys Transform into Art Galleries

On November 1st, the city of Encinitas celebrated the Day of the Dead with costume contests and entertainment—in an alley off of the Coast Highway. The resulting mural, which covers the alley wall between D and E Street, pays tribute to the traditional Mexican holiday. It was painted by artists Mayra Navarro and Debi Winger, along with the help of local volunteers.

More good news for Encinitas: there are more murals in the works. The Alley Activation Program, organized by the Encinitas 1010 MainStreet Association, includes plans for additional murals, lighting, landscaping, dumpster sharing, and other improvements.

The program is funded by several city grants, the San Diego County Neighborhood Reinvestment Program, and contributions from local businesses and landscape architects. Its purpose is not only to showcase local art, but also to increase foot traffic and discourage criminal activity.

Along with surfing and flowers, Encinitas is also known for its public art. You’ll find murals on almost every street corner in downtown Encinitas and even on entryways of private businesses.

The Alley Activation Program is one of many initiatives that the city of Encinitas has adopted in the past few decades in order to keep the city a safe, creative place to live. For more details about other city projects such as the Coast Highway 101 Streetscape Project, check out the official City of Encinitas page.

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