Encinitas to Get New Bike Lanes

When we live in such a beautiful climate we ought to take advantage of it by using multiple forms of transportation! You’d be amazed at how big of an improvement biking or walking to work can make in your health, both emotional and physical. If you are interested in making this life-change then you are in luck. There was a recent discussion about re-striping dozens of Encinitas streets at the Traffic and Public Safety Commission meeting last week.

There was an unanimous decision to make these changes to various streets. Where roads are wide enough there will be a 6-foot-wide bike lane re-striped onto the roads. Where the lanes are not wide enough there will be symbols the commission is calling “sharrows” so the vehicle traffic will know to share the lane with bicyclists. Some of the streets that will be re-striped include Manchester Avenue, both South and North Coast Highway 101, Encinitas Boulevard, and Leucadia Boulevard.

Speaking of Leucadia Boulevard, after the re-striping project was announced there was a hit and run accident including a white SUV and a bicyclist. The incident occurred on Sunday morning around 6:45 am on eastbound Leucadia Boulevard. Thankfully, the bicyclist’s injuries do not appear to be life threatening. It is a good thing that Leucadia will be one of the streets set for re-striping.

I am glad that this decision has been made because as Leslie Goldberg said at the August 8th meeting, “I think in Encinitas we can have it all. We can have bike lanes, accommodate traffic and accommodate packing as well.”


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