Strategies to Save Money When Moving

Moving can be pretty expensive; not in terms of the cost of your new place but the price of the actual moving day. The whole process can be even more expensive as your possessions accumulate and your family grows. I found a great article with strategies on how to make the day so much cheaper.

First of all, go through all your possessions and figure out what you don’t use and sell it. This way you have less stuff to pack up and you make a bit of money off of your move. Use Craigslist for the larger items, eBay for the smaller items, and yard sales or consignment shops for bulk items such as clothing. Once you start thinking you might move then begin saving every sturdy cardboard box you can and keep any old newspapers you come in contact with.

If you can, don’t hire movers. They are very expensive so try asking your friends for help and thank them with pizza and beer. If you have no choice but to hire movers, then you should get as much done as possible before the movers get there. The more done the less they have to do and the less hours of work you have to pay them for. Have everything boxed up and clearly labeled by the time they show up. Lastly, if a utility or service that you pay monthly isn’t essential then cancel it over a month before you move so that you don’t pay for it when you aren’t there.

There you go, those are some good tips for saving some serious cash on moving day. Will you try them out? Let me know how you fare!


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