Encinitas Lions Club – Dreams Come True!

In September of 2009, the South Ponto Beach was filled with people surfing and learning how to surf. Sounds like a normal day…. right? However, the surfers were blind! It fills my heart with joy when I hear or read stories of such amazing accomplishments. The wonderful people participating as well as the organizers deserve plenty of credit!

The Encinitas Lions Club helped make the surfing event a possibility. The club is a wonderful philanthropic non profit organization that is dedicated to bettering our and surrounding communities. The Encinitas Lions Club provides free eye glasses and eye tests for those that are in need. They raise money for disaster relief as well as other community needs. The organization is ran by several doctors and regularly runs diabetes testing clinics in addition to eye testing. They understand the importance of community help and reach out to anybody willing to help. In fact, many teens living in Carlsbad homes have joined their sponsored community service club at La Costa Canyon High School.

The Encinitas Lions Club has a remarkable ability to enable people with vision disabilities to accomplish amazing tasks. The surfing event of last summer is just one example! They rely on input from the community and the help of volunteers. If you are living in a Carlsbad or Encinitas home and are interested in their organization check out the Encinitas Lions Club!


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