All About the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce

I recently sat down and talked with Amy Scruggs, a host on the national cable talk show The American Dream, and Bob Gatinella, the President and CEO of the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce.

Gatinella and I met as realtor and client over 20 years, and have stayed connected ever since. We discussed the thriving small businesses of Encinitas, what the Chamber of Commerce is, and how the Chamber influences both the city and the community.

The Chamber of Commerce is not affiliated with the city, as Gatinella explained, but it does independently help the community prosper by supporting and promoting business. The Chamber helps people connect with one another by providing resources about the numerous local businesses in Encinitas.

The Chamber hosts events throughout the year such as the Senior Expo, Business Expo, and the world-famous Oktoberfest. The Chamber also lists many more local events occurring throughout Encinitas on the Chamber of Commerce website.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce can attend monthly events to network with other business owners and members, have ribbon cutting events for their new businesses or support new business owners opening shop in Encinitas.

Encinitas residents can support new and existing small businesses and their local community by attending local events throughout the year, volunteering, and shopping small. Let’s all continue to help Encinitas thrive and help one another!

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