Coastal Home Decorating Ideas

Many coastal homeowners wish to bring the essence of the beach into their home. The beach is inspiring, tranquil, and renewing. Recreate the feeling and look of the bright, sunny beach in your home.

Coastal décor is full of varying hues of blue, green, white, and grey—no dark colors. Add some light décor touches to your home and transform your living space into an easygoing retreat that clears the mind and relaxes the soul.

  • Choose Light Colored Wood

The beach evokes the feeling of lightness. For furniture, stick to light wood tones such as maple, ash, or pine. If you would like to transform dark stained wood, check out this helpful article.

  • Paint it White

Maximize your space with gorgeous white walls. White transforms spaces and heightens the natural light in a room. The lack of color allows your décor to take center stage, especially if you use lots of bright colors like blues and greens around the home. For family rooms, use a satin finish—it’s the easiest to clean.

  • Change Window Curtains

Keep the sunlight, but don’t lose your sense of privacy. Use sheer drapes that cover your windows, but still allow the natural light to shine through. Use wood blinds to add texture and color. Or if you want, add some solar shades to your windows to block harmful UV light but maintain the sunshine. Check out these window curtain ideas.

  • Don’t be Afraid of Colored Furniture

Most people stick to neutral colored furniture, but don’t be afraid to add some gorgeous colored pieces of furniture. A light blue couch or a lime green lounge chair will add some dimension to your home.

  • Use Ocean Elements

Bring bits of the ocean into your home. Incorporate water and air elements. Create these easy, stunning knotted hanging lanterns, hang some starfish sconces, or even a starburst driftwood mirror. Use design elements that speak to you, whether that’s marine life, seashells, or palm trees.

  • Bring in Some Plants

Add some color and texture to your home with some coastal plants. Add a palm tree, white bird of paradise, banana tree, vipers bowstring hemp, rubber fig, or any other tropical indoor plant.

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