Encinitas City Council Meeting Tonight

As an Encinitas real estate agent I find it extremely important to be knowledgeable of the city government’s decisions and how they affect me and my clients. That is why as an Encinitas real estate agent I will be attending the Special Encinitas City Council Meeting tonight.

This special session for the Encinitas City Council will be held Wednesday, July 11th at 6pm inside the Encinitas Community Center instead of at its usual location at City Hall.

Items on the agenda for the meeting will include:

  •  Improvements to Moonlight Beach – The city is looking to revamp Moonlight State Beach, which calls for new concession buildings and restrooms, the addition of a garage that will be used for both storage and as an overlook for lifeguards, and an expansion to the sand recreation area.
  • Construction of Encinitas Community Park – The park has been in the planning stages for quite sometime, and when the base bids for Phase One of the project were received all five contracting firms delivered bids significantly higher than expected.
  • Electing a Mayor – The City Council will discuss whether the position of mayor should be an elected one instead of a position selected via the city council’s majority vote.

THIS EVENT WILL NOT BE TELEVISED unlike most city council meetings so it is imperative that you attend in person.

The Encinitas Community Center is located at 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive. You can learn more about this special meeting by clicking here.


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