Illuminate Your Home with LED Lighting


There are many different lights that are spread around your San Diego real estate. Whether it be cooking, doing work or just relaxing in your family room, LED lighting has progressed to be the technology that meet all the criteria for your home according to an article in the San Diego Union-Times.

LED Technology or light-emitting diodes is a more efficient, durable versatile and longer lasting light according to Energy Star’s Website.

This lighting is especially useful to not only provide character, but it is especially important in kitchens. The importance of seeing different ingredients like spices, herbs and other additives for providing extra flavor for food, LED lighting is the right illumination you could have in your San Diego real estate.

“Both color and volume of light are important in the kitchen,” said Michael Dove, owner of Michael Dove Lighting in Southern California to the San Diego Union-Times. “We want a cozy, comfortable light, and that’s what you get with the new technology. It’s very sleek and it’s more attractive and modern.”

Unlike LED lighting from the past, the present version has lower lighting holders whereas the older version were shaped like a cone. This new version provides more lighting covers more ground than the traditional types of lights can.

Besides the kitchen, LED lighting is a great option to have in bathrooms. The lighting works in many areas including hallways.

But what is the best reason to have LED lighting? It’s energy efficient! The makeup of the modern version has a smaller receptacle which will be less open area for an air conditioner or home furnace to fill. The modern light that provides 65 watts of light but only uses 12.5 watts of energy. Overall the

By 2030, light-emitting diodes will be bought by 74 percent of lumen-hour sales and the savings of energy by that time period will be precisely 300 terwatt-hours. This saving of energy is equal to the electrical production of fifty one-thousand-megawatt power plants and be equivalent to a saving in finances to almost $30 billion according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s calculations.

For the top LED lighting, Dove endorses that of Cree Products for San Diego real estate– which are highly rated by Energy Star.

By Linda Moore

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