Encinitas Right-to-Vote Initiative

The General Update Plan will directly affect homes for sale in Encinitas, as part of the Encinitas General Plan concerns land-use and housing elements including homes for sale in Encinitas.

The General Plan, which will guide Encinitas real estate land-use and policymaking for at least the next 20 years, has been stalled after two years of intensive work and includes up-zoning intended to increase the density of population in Encinitas.

Some residents have taken issue with the current up-zoning plans and so have formed the Encinitas Project, a committee that will push for a ballot initiative (called the Encinitas Right-to-Vote Initiative) that would push to allow registered voters in Encinitas to decide on those major density increases proposed by up-zoning.

If the Encinitas Right-to-Vote Initiative can reach the ballot box and be approved by voters, then residents would have the opportunity to decide for themselves if proposed changes to the community they live in change respect the character of the community and maintain or improve the quality of life.

While the initiative could be misconstrued as no-growth, it is really concerned with making sure that growth is both sustainable and beneficial, including traffic, environmental issues, adequate resources, proper infrastructure, and overall quality of life. These are issues that as an Encinitas Realtor I understand and sympathize with. 

Follow the progress of the Encinitas Right-to-Vote Initiative by visiting their website.

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