Interview with the #1 Realtor in Encinitas

Are you on the hunt for a Realtor in the San Diego area? Before you can choose an agent to work with, it is important to do your research. Visit their open houses, learn their specialties, etc. Learn more about Linda Moore today!

Learn More About the #1 Realtor in Encinitas

Linda Moore took this week to answer a few questions about being the #1 Realtor in Encinitas in today’s new market:

  • What is Your Production Level?

“Typically, my ratio is 40% buyers and 60% sellers. Anywhere between 25 to 40 homes per year, depending on the market. Right now, the market is fluctuating.”

  • How Long Have You Been in the Business?

“I have been in this business for over 32 years, since 1990. I know the Encinitas area very well.”

  • As a Realtor, do you prefer to work with clients by yourself, or get support from other people at the agency?

“I prefer to work with my clients individually and provide a personal connection.” 

  • What Part of Southern California Would You Recommend to Investors? 
“Encinitas and the entirety of Southern California is a great area and a great market.” 
  • How Well Do You Know the Area?

“I have lived in the North County Coastal area for a long time. I know the San Diego area well, but I know Encinitas even better! I work with clients from all over- Oceanside, Carlsbad, La Jolla, etc. ” 

  • What Do You Do if Your Clients Have Unrealistic Expectations?

” I always try to advocate for my clients and get them the best deal they can. However, some things are left to the conditions of the market, and I just remind my clients that we are working with some unusual conditions at this time.” 

  • How Would You Describe the Current Conditions of the Southern California Real Estate Market?


How Do I Get Started on My Search for a Realtor in Encinitas?

Shopping around for the right representation in today’s real estate market can be tough. But if you are searching for the #1 Realtor in Encinitas, look no further! 

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