Encinitas Surfing Instructor

Interested in learning how to catch a wave and ride the whitewater to the beach?  I was and I asked Linda, my Encinitas real estate agent about the surfing here while viewing open houses in Encinitas!  She told me about all the schools and lessons to take to learn how to surf, so I did my own research and that’s how I found Leucadia Surf School at Encinitas Beach.  I called first to make sure it was safe and that said they are fully insured and licensed.  Also, they don’t stick you with rental fees for boards and a wetsuit which was really nice.  I decided to give it a shot and took my whole family.  It was a great activity for us!  I have three children ages 9, 13, and 15.  The whole time they had a huge smiles on their faces!  It’s usually so hard to find something they all enjoy and that we can do as a family, but I’ve finally found something.  My youngest son even said I was “the coolest Mom.”  The owner Gerry is an experienced instructor, who has been surfing all of his life.  He is very knowledgeable and easy to understand and gave us a great foundation for surfing.  For beginners like us, he showed us everything from how to spot waves, to standing and balancing.   He took us to a “local” beach good for beginners and he even said that was where he learned to surf.  It truly was a great time that brought our family closer.  If you live in an Encinitas home, have free time, and are looking for a family activity, call Leucadia Surf School!

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