Remodeling Tips on Encinitas Homes

Whether you are looking to sell a home in Encinitas or you want to just update your Encinitas home, there are a few tips that you should follow regarding remodeling.

As I previously mentioned the home improvement projects on Encinitas homes that you should focus on include the kitchen, bathroom, and exterior remodels. But how do you go about getting these remodels done?

With some guidance from Money Magazine’s Josh Garskof, here is a brief guide to making sure you get the best in the remodeling of Encinitas houses.

  1. Owner-Operated or General Contractor? – By utilizing tradesmen who will be on-site for the project you not only are more likely to avoid miscommunications about the project, but you will also pay as much as 5 to 20% less due to lower overhead costs. However, for extremely complicated projects such as completely gutting and remodeling a kitchen a general contractor may be preferable and will know specialists and subcontractors for certain work that is required on the project.
  2. Buy Fixtures and Products Yourself – While you can take suggestions from your contractor, make sure that you are the one who purchases the products for the remodel. Whether it’s a sink, tub, tiles, or lights, buying your own will save you from paying for items that your contractor picks and you don’t like and save you the 10% to 20% markup charged by a pro. Typically contractors are relieved not to have to make these choices for you anyway.
  3. Be Considerate During the Project – Remodeling can get stressful and as the days and weeks pass by the relationship between you and the contractor can get adversarial as you expect the project to be done and they encounter setbacks that you may not be understanding of. Make sure that you pick your battles over issues and remember that it is preferable for the job to take a little longer than expected and be done right than just be completed to meet a schedule.

Follow these tips when remodeling your home and if you are looking to sell your home after the remodel to get in contact with Encinitas Realtors.

By Linda Moore

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