Enter to Win $100 Passport Unlimited Gift Card!

Today is the big day! I don’t do this very often, so make sure you enter ASAP for the chance to win a Passport Unlimited gift card worth $100. Simply add a “like” to my Facebook page to enter. That’s all there is to it. The contest runs till the end of March, and the winner will be notified via email as soon as their name is chosen.

Click on the link below to go directly to my FB page and enter. Good luck!

Linda’s Facebook page

Passport Unlimited

For those of you unfamiliar with Passport Unlimited, their slogan provides a good clue to what you can buy with one of their gift cards, “Shop. Dine. Travel. Save.” There are thousands of merchants who offer online and in-store deep discounts on all sorts of merchandise and services. Whether you are interested in a night on the town or need some new amenities for a home you just purchased through your favorite real estate professional, Passport Unlimited really does offer unlimited ways to spend and save.

The lucky winner of the $100 gift card will quickly notice that it can buy much more than its face value. Typical cash cards and retail “prepaid” gift cards do not come with any built-in discounts. Passport Unlimited gift cards, on the other hand, work like super-powered coupons because they offer users special prices and deals that are unavailable to other purchasers.

Visit your favorite restaurants, buy clothes, shop for books online, and keep an eye out for local retailers who display signs that say, “Welcome Passport Unlimited shoppers.”

So, head on over and like my FB page and you’ll be all set. There are no questions to answer, quizzes, puzzles you have to solve, or any of that typical “contest” stuff. Just like my FB page and you’ll be in the running for a sweet reward at the end of March.

Thanks for your help, and good luck.

-Linda Moore

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