Essential Tips for Creating a Home Office

With more people than ever having the ability to telecommute or work from home, setting up a home office is essential. A home office is a great way to utilize an unused room, and create a suitable space to work from. But setting up a home office requires more than just a desk and a door. Here are some tips that will help your home office become a productive place to work.

Measure Your Space

Before you go shopping for the perfect desk, you will want to make sure your new office can accommodate your needs. Measure the interior of the room for height and width. And don’t forget to measure the doorframe, as well. This will give you a good starting point for furnishing your office.

Plan Your Layout

Many people start moving furniture into their home offices, only to realize the layout they have chosen lacks proper flow and maneuverability. Before you begin setting up your home office, take some time to plan your layout.

I recommend using graph paper to sketch out a rough layout of how you want your office. This can make setting up your office a breeze, and let you identify any potential problems before you start moving heavy furniture around. Also make note of where windows, electrical outlets, and other fixtures are located in the office. You may plan to have your desk facing a window, only to discover that the location of outlets make this difficult. Plan ahead, and you will only have to setup your office once.

Design an Office to Meet Your Needs

You may be tempted to go overboard with a home office, and fill it with creature comforts like a full bookcase or home entertainment system. It’s important to design an office you are comfortable in, but don’t lose sight of the room’s primary function. The most efficient home offices are ones that meet your needs. Adding unnecessary distractions to a home office could hurt your productivity, and take up space that could be better used with equipment like a scanner/fax machine or a filing cabinet.

Treat Yourself to Comfort

If you are looking for an area of comfort to focus on, you can’t go wrong with chairs. A comfortable office chair can improve your productivity and mood, and make working from home more pleasurable. If you plan to see clients or other visitors at your home office, consider adding a plush chair for them to sit in.

With these tips in mind, creating a functional and efficient home office will be much easier.

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