Moving into a New Home with Pets

Owning a pet can bring you a great deal of happiness and comfort, but it can also make some things more difficult. Moving into a new home is definitely more challenging with pets. Many pets have a hard time adjusting to new environments, and it’s important to plan for this possibility as early as possible. If you are a pet owner who is planning to move to a new home, these tips should make the transition easier.

Familiarize Your Pet with the New Home

Once you have signed the contracts on your new home, you will likely be stopping in from time to time before moving in. These visits are the perfect opportunity to familiarize your pet with the new home. Let them explore the new home, and see how they react. If you own a dog, let them run around in the yard and mark their territory. This can help them feel more comfortable in the home once you move in.

Bring Their Favorite Toys

Many people opt to wait until they have moved into their new home to bring their pets in. This can help keep them safe, without worry that they will get underfoot when heavy boxes and furniture are being moved around. Before you bring your pets to their new home, make sure to set up some of their favorite toys and items in familiar locations. You may be tempted to reward them by buying new toys, but this could be a mistake. With all of the changes your pets are experiencing, having familiar items can make them feel in control and more at home.

Stay Consistent

Pets crave structure. You likely have a set schedule for things like feedings, walks, and play time. It’s important to stick to your usual schedule once you have moved into your new home. This structure is essential for maintaining the routine your pets are used to.

Though some routines may require a few adjustments. If you own a cat who is used to outdoor time, you may want to accompany them with a harness and leash until they are used to the new environment. Finding themselves alone in an unfamiliar place could cause your pet to get scared and run away, so you want to take any necessary precautions to prevent this.

Be Patient

Patience is something pet owners should always have, especially when moving to a new home. You have been planning for this move for several months, but this is an unexpected experience for your pet. Some pets may take longer to adjust to a new environment than others. This could mean crying in the night, acting scared or timid, or even acting out by leaving “accidents” on the floor.

Be patient with your pets, and give them plenty of affection and attention. Spend as much time as you can in the home with them, as this will make the adjustment easier. If your new home is relatively close to your old one, consider taking them on a little trip to their favorite park or other destination. It may take a little while for your pet to adjust to their new home, but the time you put into helping them will make the transition easier.

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