Fall Decorating: 12 Cheap Fall Centerpieces

We all tend to spend more time at home during the fall and the start of winter because of the holidays and colder weather. It can be a nice idea to make your home a little cozier and fall-friendly. Instead of spending a lot of money, try using these DIY ideas and pieces of nature for fall centerpieces.

You can make a woodland-inspired living centerpiece by planting a ground cover in a shallow pot and accent it with ceramic mushrooms or foraged wood and stones. You can use bare branches with tea lights in the middle of your dining table. For another great centerpiece, try some durable items like dried persimmons or pomegranates which can last for over a month and a whole season.

Put a vase in the center of the dining table or coffee table and fill it with pretty feathers or a single swooping branch accented with some foliage or berries. You can cut and fold some burlap and use it as a table runner with mason jars as glasses for water or wine.

There are even more great ideas at the article below:


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