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Not All Realtors Have the Same Skills!

Selling or purchasing property can be the most significant financial transaction a person makes in their lifetime. Finding a knowledgeable, communicative, and helpful realtor in the Oceanside, CA, area is essential for making the process run smoothly. Determining who is the right match for you can be confusing between realtors, real estate agents, and brokers.

Some realtors have expertise in selling old properties, while others may focus on helping first-time buyers. You must ask questions before choosing an agent to ensure they have your best interests in mind.

Below are tips for finding a good realtor in the Oceanside, CA, area!

Realtor vs. Real Estate Agent vs. Brokers

These titles are used interchangeably when people talk about selling properties, but there are significant differences you should know about if you want to work with one.

A real estate agent has a professional real estate license to buy or sell different types of properties. Each state has additional requirements for passing its real estate license test, and some even require training hours. The exam consists of a written portion that tests for knowledge of federal real estate laws and general principles.

To become a realtor, you must become a licensed National Association of Realtors member. This person upholds the organization’s standards, which means they can offer a high standard of services to their clients!

A broker has taken more education beyond the real estate and realtor exams to learn about more specific topics. They can specialize in real estate ethics, contracts, licensing, and more.

Determine What You Want From a Realtor

Now that you know the difference between real estate titles, it’s time to determine what you want from a realtor. As mentioned earlier, some may have expertise in certain areas, while others may offer clients a broad range of help.

Do you want someone with many years of experience? Or someone who is dedicated to giving you lots of time and attention? You may want help with the logistics and can handle the stagings independently.

It’s crucial that you figure out what you need from a realtor relationship before choosing one to help you buy or sell a property.

Essential Qualities for a Good Realtor

Once you’ve determined what you want from your real estate experience, there are certain qualities you should look out for with any agent! They should have the following:

Local Knowledge:

Does the person you want to work with have up-to-date local knowledge? Do they know the past market trends of specific neighborhoods? Or what is each community like with schools or transportation? This information can be crucial, especially if you’re moving to a new area!

Highly Responsive:

The property buying and selling process will deal with lots of paperwork, and you will probably have questions. You must choose a realtor who is responsive and respectful of your time and inquiries! If you notice a realtor takes a while to respond to your initial messages, perhaps there are better options out there.

Marketing Skills:

A realtor needs marketing skills to be successful in this day and age. Look for a realtor with an active online presence with social media or other outlets. This quality can indicate that they’re good at marketing specific properties and reaching a more comprehensive audience range!

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