Things to Remember Before Moving to your New Encinitas Home

Moving into your new home in Encinitas is a cause for celebration! But don’t let your excitement make you forget some important things everyone needs to do before moving to a new area. Everyone remembers to forward their mail and bid farewell to their neighbors, but here are a few things you may have forgotten.


Is your current bank a national chain, or regional? Before arriving at your new home, make sure you know if you’ll need to set up a new account at a different bank. And if you have anything in a safe deposit box at your old bank, don’t forget to grab it!


If you’re moving far from your current doctor, you should plan ahead to find a replacement. The last thing you want is to get sick, and have to choose a doctor based on who’s available, rather than the best available. Make sure to keep your old doctor’s contact information handy, in case you need paperwork forwarded to your new doctor. And if you currently taking prescription medication, see if your doctor can call in a prescription to a pharmacy near your new home, in case finding the right doctor takes longer than expected.

Membership Transfers

If you belong to any local gyms, organizations, or clubs, don’t forget to cancel or, if possible, transfer your memberships. This will help you avoid getting to your new home and finding bills or dues for memberships you no longer need.

Prep the Kitchen

You’ve no doubt packed your dishes and flatware, but don’t forget about the fridge! Make sure to use up any frozen foods to avoid waste. If you find yourself with a lot of excess unopened food, consider donating it to a local mission or food pantry. This will help you avoid having to move it to your new home, and is a great way to give back to the community.

Check the Car

This is especially important if you’re moving long-distance. Make sure to get a tune-up, and check for any issues that could cause a breakdown. Nothing can spoil a move to a new area like breaking down halfway to your destination.

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