Go Fishing This Weekend at Dixon Lake!

There are many things people consider in the process of purchasing a home. Of course, a home’s location is an extremely important factor and is never overlooked. A gargantuan mansion in the middle of the desert is worthless to a city dweller looking to enjoy the amenities and work opportunities of a metropolitan area. Likewise, a beautiful down town apartment near plenty of fine restaurants is unappealing to a adventure enthusiast looking for quick access to the wilderness and desert. However, I have come across a few Escondido homes that are appealing to both types of personalities.

The homes in Cape Concord Escondido are especially close to the Dixon Dam and Lake City Park. The  park offers plenty of outdoor fun for anyone. In the summer time, boating, fishing, kayaking, and swimming are great activities. There is also awesome road biking and mountain biking for those wanting to elevate their heart rates. The fun doesn’t stop when it snows! People are regularly seen ice skating and cross country skiing the trails of the park. Check it out after work or over the weekend!

Southern California is unique in its contrasting environments. There is a little bit of something for everyone. If you are planning on moving to Southern California or are moving within, Escondido is a great place to live! Entire books can be written on the wonderful activities and people within, and hopefully you will find the Dixon Dam and Lake City Park a fun place to spend an afternoon out your Escondido home!

Here is one of the many videos featuring huge fish caught at Dixon Lake!


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