Floral Beauty in Encinitas

At first glance, Encinitas is absolutely stunning. The area’s textured terrain provides a landscape rich with ocean views. The Pacific coast is dotted with iconic beaches, many of them renowned surf spots. The town boasts outstanding fine dining options and some of the most gorgeous homes in the country. Of course, you can’t forget about the weather! At second glance… well, Encinitas is breathtaking. The closer you look, the more beautiful the territory appears. Aside from magnificent natural landscape, the town’s many public gardens and unmatched botanical diversity earn Encinitas the title of “Flower Capital of America”. The area’s flawless climate and constant sunshine create the ideal environment for the most colorful gardens that the country has to offer. Here’s a look into a few of Encinitas’ precious and prolific environmental gems. San Diego Botanical GardensWidely cited as America’s most impressive botanical garden, the San Diego Botanical Garden is actually located in Encinitas. The renowned exhibition is home to over 3,000 types of foliage and flowers from atmospheres around the world, including a comprehensive collection of species indigenous to California. The garden also houses the largest bamboo display in the United States, and a massive interactive children’s exhibit – the biggest in the world.

Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens

The Meditation Gardens at the Self-Realization Fellowship in Encinitas is adjunct to the prestigious worldwide spiritual association known for its instruction in the traditional practice of meditation. Located on a majestic seaside cliff, the Meditation Gardens are a pensive alternative to the San Diego Botanical Garden’s spectacular approach. Admission is free, as this is a haven for reflection rather than entertainment. Still, the quiet pocket possesses a sacred beauty intrinsic to its meticulous, pure character.

Weidner’s Gardens

Weidner’s Gardens is famously known for its incredible selection of begonias, but it’s also a vegetable garden and nursery staffed by a passionate team devoted to sharing the joys of their practical art. Seasonal events allow visitors to dig and pot their own begonias straight from the soil. As local nurseries are increasingly replaced by corporate big-box stores, Weidner’s Gardens has a refreshing charm. As one reviewer noted, “this is from another era of Encinitas”. The site hosts an array of special occasions and gardening classes for local enthusiasts. Weidner’s Gardens takes pride in staying true to its roots.

Of course, these popular sightseeing destinations are hardly secrets. Only locals are privy to the true beauty of Encinitas. If you really want to dig into Encinitas’ enchanting secrets, it’ll take some serious exploration. Once you get lost in Encinitas, you’ll find yourself at home.

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