California Ranks Number 17 on New Lowest Property Tax List

Most people think of California as a pricy paradise. The idea that the country’s most beautiful state must also be the most expensive even deters many would-be Californians. While the state is the site of some of the richest properties – and people – in the land, new numbers show that the notion is misguided. WalletHub’s recent analysis of real estate tax rates ranks 33 states’ property taxes as higher than California’s. Resting at number 17 on the list, California edges out many more mundane states like Indiana, Kansas, New York, and Illinois, which check in at numbers 23, 37, 41, and 50, respectively. Of course, property taxes are variable, and consider a complex range of factors. Still, the report is evidence that your own slice of the Golden State doesn’t need to break the bank.

Check out the full report on WalletHub. The complete list of states’ property tax rankings is included, as well as interesting data about vehicle taxes and changes over time, and commentary from renowned experts. The numbers may surprise you!


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