Whole Foods at Pacific Station in Encinitas

A new Whole Foods in Encinitas is coming along nicely at Pacific Station! The Whole Foods is the anchor of the Pacific Station project, a brand new multi use development in downtown Encinitas combining residences, office space, retail space, restaurants, and the brand new Whole Foods store that is opening soon! Everyone in Encinitas is highly anticipating the opening of the Whole Foods, as the majority of folks in Encinitas live healthy lifestyles grounded in a healthy diet. The new store will bring fresh food to downtown Encinitas, which will attract customers from all over North San Diego County to Pacific Station, and lead to more revenue for Encinitas as a “whole”!

Whole Foods Market is a natural and organic supermarket, and is America’s first certified “organic grocer”. Shoppers at Whole Foods will love the wide variety of fresh and organic produce, meat, seafood, beer and wine as well as other groceries and sundry items. What you won’t find at Whole Foods is all those additives, artificial flavors, preservatives, and hydrogenated fats. Whole Foods stands by their namesake: providing fresh food of the highest quality without any additives.

Whole Foods is as excited as the city of Encinitas is to become the staple of Pacific Station. Patrick Bradley is the President of the Southern Pacific Region of Whole Foods and had this to say about the Pacific Station project and Whole Foods’ decision to be the main store at Pacific Station:

“Pacific Station is a great space with a wide variety of attractions for the community to enjoy. This location is the first new retail space in downtown Encinitas in more than 20 years and is an ideal place for us to introduce Whole Foods Market to the Encinitas neighborhood.”

The Whole Foods in Encinitas is anticipated to open officially this summer. We are all excited for Whole Foods in Encinitas and the revenue from Whole Foods will help all of Encinitas. This will bring increased visitors from surrounding cities in North San Diego County, and will help increase business of other attractions, venues, businesses, and restaurants in Encinitas.

The best thing about Whole Foods at Pacific Station is that people with Encinitas houses now have an ideal supermarket to help aid in their healthy diet. Encinitas is full of health-conscious people who live active lifestyles and make smart choices about what they eat. Whole Foods will provide all natural and organic food options for the people of Encinitas to continue their healthy lifestyle and healthy diet.

I will keep you posted to any new changes with the Whole Foods in Encinitas at Pacific Station. This summer is sure to be an exciting one in Encinitas with the anticipation building for Pacific Station to be in full swing, starting with the mainstay and main attraction at Whole Foods!

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