Be Cautious of Lies told in Buying a House

Buying or selling a home has become much easier with the popularity of the Internet for realtors as well as regular people with no experience buying or selling a house. However, with ease of use also brings about abuse. I found this article on Yahoo Real Estate about the 4 biggest lies in real estate, particularly focusing on shady techniques used by desperate people who just want to sell their home as fast as possible. There is a difference between stretching the truth and flat out lying when it comes to real estate. I use best practices in helping my customers buying or selling an Encinitas house, and I am always quick to warn my customers and clients of some of these devious and sometimes illegal sales methods used by realtors.

The article covers the 4 main lies told: false photos of the house or video tours, fake home valuations, erroneous mortgage rates, and outlandish house descriptions. After reading this article here on Yahoo Real Estate, you will get an idea of what to look for investigating these shady sales techniques and some remedies to use for the best numbers or property descriptions available. You should always use caution when buying or selling a house, especially nowadays with the ease of listing real estate online.

The best way to avoid falling into the traps used by devious realtors or desperate individuals selling their own house is to consult with an esteemed real estate agent. Remember to give me a call if you are looking to buy or sell your house in Encinitas and I will use the best practices in getting your house sold or your dream house bought at the best price available.

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