Geometric Accent Wall for Your Home

Artistically painted accent walls are very on trend. Add some color and eye-catching design to your living space by creating a geometric wall. This painting trend takes time to create, but the payoff is worth it. If you love the look of asymmetrical art, or even organized neat lines, then there is a geometric design for you.

  • Negative Space

For a simple artistic feel, create disorganized lines on a white wall. For a bold temporary look, use colored washi tape to create mismatched lines that intersect every which way. For permanent art, use painters tape to map out lines to be painted. Once the tape is secure, paint in between those designated lines of tape. Make sure to peel off the paint immediately, as the painted lines can crack once dry.

  • Colorful Shapes

Rather than bold lines, this paint idea is focused on colorful shapes. Best on white walls, this artful look is easy to create. Use painters tape to map out the shapes you want painted. You can create a cohesive look with one shape, in one size. Various shapes of one size. Or even one shape of various sizes. Paint the entire wall in one color or many, and then peel off the tape. What’s left is a unique accent wall that draws the eye.

  • Fan Pattern

If you like the idea of a pattern, this look is for you. Reminiscent of The Great Gatsby, this golden ombré accent wall is breathtaking. Map out giant squares with tape. For truly straight lines, use a lever or a ruler. Within each square, create square spirals. The direction of the spirals change with each shape, so change direction with each neighboring square. Once everything is set, paint the inner fan shape a light gold, and switch to a darker gold as you paint outward. Remove the tape once done.

  • 3D Shapes

This art look looks beautifully intricate but is relatively easy to recreate. Start by creating a line of triangles side by side. Make another line at the top, so the triangles are interlocking. Then, within each triangle, create 3 smaller triangles that meet in the middle. Once your designated painting area is mapped out, you can start painting. This look requires 5 different paint colors. Each triangle is going to be a different color, but this look is still cohesive. The secret lies in the pattern. Once complete, your accent wall be appear to pop out!

  • Hexagon Honeycomb

If you love the look of cohesion, why not paint your walls like a beautiful honeycomb? Create a hexagon shape on cardboard or sturdy paper, and use the shape as an outline. Once your accent wall is ready to be painted, simply go ahead and color each hexagon with your color of choice. In this demonstrative video, the painter chose to use three colors. But feel free to use as many or as few colors as you like.

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