How to Give Back this Holiday

Christmas is right around the corner and a lot of people are getting ready to celebrate with their families, making last minute trips to the store for gifts, and prepping food.

But for many, this Christmas isn’t nearly so cheerful. Many people are going to be working, and others don’t have the luxury of an annual family gathering. This holiday, why not give back to your community? Here are some easy and heartfelt ways to spread some holiday cheer this season.

  • Visit the Fire Department/Police Station

Some jobs require employees to work during the holidays. This includes police officers and firefighters. Show thanks to your local emergency responders by baking them some holiday cookies or a casserole. They work hard for the community, why not make this Tuesday’s shift just a little more cheerful.

  • Make Stockings for the Homeless

Buy some stockings and fill them with essentials like water bottles, snacks, and a toothbrush with toothpaste. Add some small clothing items as well, like socks and underwear. If you can, consider adding some gift cards so that they could buy what they like. Everyone falls on hard times, but some fall harder than others. Extend a hand this season and help those in need of some cheer.

  • Visit a Nursing Home

Not everyone has family to celebrate with this upcoming holiday. Visit a nursing home with family or friends and spend some time with elders. They have a lot of amazing stories to tell and would love the company. Call ahead and see if you could bring your furry pets as well!

  • Donate Your Change

There is always change around the house, why not gather those coins up and donate to a charity? If you have been saving your coins, now is the time to cash them! Turn that loose change into a holiday cash donation to a cause of your choosing like the ASPCA or the California Fire Foundation. No matter which charity you choose, make sure to research their reputation. Use Charity Navigator to search for trustworthy charities.

  • Cut Your Hair

Hair is dispensable to most, but for some, hair is a gift. If you’ve been considering cutting your hair, why not donate it? Consider making the cut and donating your beautiful locks to cancer patients looking for a wig. You could donate to Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids.

  • Adopt a Hero/Solider

Many servicemen/servicewomen won’t be coming home for the holidays. But you could help military personnel feel the love this Christmas by sending care packages and letters. With Adopt a Hero, you will be paired with a soldier and you could “adopt” them. Or you could donate to a specific military program on Soldiers’ Angels for veterans, wounded soldiers, and more.

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