Making the Most out of a Small Backyard

When buying a home, you probably have a long list of dream features. Having a spacious backyard may be on that list, but what do you do if you find your dream house and it doesn’t have the yard space you want? Before moving on to the next listing, consider these tips for making the most of a small backyard.

Put in a Deck

Installing a deck can be an easy and effective way to add to a small backyard. It can also be a great way to utilize space, by adding a second level to the yard. A deck is a great way to separate the yard from another type of space, without sacrificing much room. Depending on your needs, this could add an outside dining area, an area for potted plants, or even a shaded area to relax.

Hang potted plants

One way to conserve space in a small backyard is to hang potted plants rather than use a traditional garden. You could take advantage of your window space by hanging plants or installing window boxes. This is an easy way to add some color along the exterior of your home, and save space in your backyard.

Utilize Smaller Furniture

For smaller backyards, try to utilize furniture that is just big enough for your needs. Instead of a long table, use a smaller circular one. Don’t put out more chairs than you are likely to use. If you frequently entertain guests, consider furniture that is collapsible or easily stored, so it can be removed when not in use.

Choose Visual Fencing over Private

One creative way to make your backyard feel larger is to install a visual fence. There are many designs that allow light to show through, like lattice or picket fences. This can help to accent the yard, and give the appearance of more space.

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