Have No Halloween Decorations?

There is only a little over a week left until Halloween. If you haven’t put any decorations up yet, then perhaps think about doing it this weekend. Although you might not have any good Halloween decorations simply laying around. Sadly, Halloween decorations are usually really tacky of expensive. I have a solution for you! Check out some of these great inexpensive yet super cool decorations and accessories from Target.

They have so many amazing things:

  • Skull-shaped candy bowl
  • Spider webs to hang- these are much less messy than those cotton cobwebs
  • Creepy long skeleton hands to serve your salad at the Halloween party
  • Sting lights with blood dripping down them
  • Really creepy wine stoppers including a raven, a human heart, and a skull
  • A skeleton dog!!!!
  • Spiky black pumpkins
  • Candles that bleed as they burn
  • “BOO” balloon hanging kit
  • Dancing skeletons on stemless wine glasses
  • Skeleton salt and pepper shakers


Check out all the pictures of these amazing decorations with links to where you can buy them online:


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