How Linda Works with Sellers

Linda Moore has more than twenty years of experience selling homes in Encinitas and the surrounding suburbs such as Carlsbad, Oceanside and Del Mar. Linda’s experience means that she knows exactly what a home can and should sell for. As a resident of the area for more than thirty years Linda knows the neighborhoods, communities, schools and benefits that each city has to offer and knows what the market is in those specific areas.


Linda knows exactly what you will be able to get for selling your home in Encinitas and the surrounding cities based on the market. In most cases that amount is more than most sellers realize they can get from their home. Linda has contacts of professionals in the area that can come in and prepare the house to be viewed and be photographed and will help you understand the market as you go through the process as well.



In Linda’s new video testimonials clients share their experience about how they were able to sell their homes in Encinitas for more than they expected and in some cases for more than any other home in the area had sold for in years! Linda can help the buyer and the buyer’s agent feel comfortable purchasing your home in Encinitas because she has such extensive knowledge of Encinitas and the surrounding area in which she works and will be able to provide you with the largest amounts in the quickest time for the sale of your property.


Contact Linda Moore with Coldwell Banker Encinitas by phone or email or visit the client video testimonials for yourself and see what real clients have to say about Linda!

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