Use Your 2017 Tax Refund on Home Improvements

The time leading up to tax can be nerve-wracking and stressful but if you get your tax return done and get a huge surprise of a large refund, then tax season suddenly turns into Christmas. If you are struggling over what to spend that big chunk of cash on. There are so many options, both frivolous and serious. Have you thought about using that extra money on home improvements that you have been wanting to get done for quite a while now? There are a wide range of improvements you can make around the house depending on how much you make in the refund. Here are some of the great ideas from Trulia on things you can do divided up by the amount you got from your refund this year:

$500 Refund

  • Hire a professional organizer
  • Recaulk and repaint your baseboards
  • Buy a new rug
  • Add some extra curb appeal

$1,000 Refund

  • Upgrade your water heater
  • Give your ceiling a revamp

$2,000 Refund

  • Upgrade all of your home’s lighting
  • Treat yourself to nice hardwood flooring
  • Build a deck or enhance/redo the one you currently have

$3,000 Refund

  • Add a backsplash to your kitchen
  • Splurge on a pair of gorgeous French doors

$5,000 Refund

  • Put up a privacy fence or replace an old one
  • Create a simple outdoor kitchen for entertaining


Check out the original article below for more in-depth ways to keep these tasks within your refund budget:

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