Encinitas Home For Sale on Calle Pensamientos

Everyone should expect the process of buying a new home to be a bit stressful. Of course it shouldn’t be a nail biting and sleepless experience, but the right kind of stress is healthy. Buying a home is an experience that should be exciting and remembered with a smile. Every day spent searching, viewing, and attending an open house is an adventure and potential life changing experience. Summertime is a particularly fun time to view and look for a future home in Encinitas. This time of year especially, homes are colored and decorated with lively gardens and vegetation!

I currently have a new home on the market and a wonderful virtual tour for you to take! This Encinitas home is on1517 Calle Pensamientos and near the intersection of South El Camino Real and Santa Fe Drive—a short drive from the ocean and near the Camino Real shopping center. This home is painted in light colors that are easily lit up by the sun on the cloudiest days. The floor is wooded throughout and the kitchen features an awesome wrap around counter top. The backyard is particularly beautiful and resembling of a tropical landscape!


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