Get to Crest Canyon Park in Del Mar this Weekend!

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing to buy a home in Del Mar or anywhere in Southern California. The local amenities, types of beaches, activities, shopping, and schools can differ quite a bit in two separate but near by locations. I naturally do a lot to educate people on the benefits of each location and do my best to try and match people with houses that fit their family’s needs. For example, over time I have sold many awesome Del Mar homes to people that absolutely feel the need to be near beautiful natural surroundings, such as those found in the Crest Canyon Park.

The Crest Canyon Park in Del Mar is absolutely gorgeous and an ideal representation of what Del Mar would look like if untouched and uninhabited. It does a lot to beautify the area and mends very well with all the wonderful surrounding Del Mar homes. It makes for awesome property value and provides wonderful surrounding scenery, and lets not forget—hiking! Hiking the trails in Crest Canyon Park will do plenty to provide you with a cool experience of local natural habitats and some ancient, century plus old, pine trees scattered amongst shrubbery. Check it out!

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