Prepare for Inspection when Selling Your Home in Encinitas

Now that you’ve put your home on the market, and an offer has come in, the process of inspection comes next.

Even if you have owned the real estate in Encinitas for years or even decades, there could be issues with discovered by an inspector. There is no promise that you’ll pass the inspection with flying colors, but according to, these are some of the steps you should take so the inspector won’t end your sale.

Consider a Pre-inspection

You may want to have an inspector come in before you put your house on the market depending on the age and condition of your home in Encinitas. Although if your real estate is fairly new, this step could be skipped. However if you don’t know, it could be lucrative to spend $400 to hire a personal inspector.

You could let any prospective buyer in Encinitas know if there were any issues about your home, and let them know what you’ve done to remedy the issue.

Preparation for Inspection

Whether or not you’ve had an inspection, usually the buyer will hire an inspector of their own. Don’t try to avoid a critical issue that would lighten up the situation. Here is a few ways you could brown-nose the inspector checking your home.

Take out the clutter: Packing has probably begun for you, but the more empty spots, i.e. under your bathroom and kitchen sinks, the better. Remove any of your items so it can be easier for the inspector to check your water heater and other appliances.

Gather the appropriate paperwork: Make a list of all of the repairs and maintenance work in your home in Encinitas. Some of the receipts you should show is for chimney or roof repair, annual or semi-annual furnace inspections, and others. If you have certain insurance plans, reveal that information to the inspector.

Your home is my home: Allow the inspector the right of entry anywhere in your house. Unlock all of the doors, fence, shed, garages, attic, basement, storage spaces, etc.

Don’t be present: What makes it easier for the inspector to check your home is if you are not there. It also would be better if your children and pets weren’t present

Clean Your House: This goes without saying. When you’re moving out clean your house. It won’t make much of a change, but it shows you care about property and your inspector could get the job done quicker.

Leave the Lights on: Light fixtures you don’t always use – make sure the light bulbs are changed.

All of these factors will help make not only the job of the inspector’s easier, but make your house in Encinitas sale go smoothly.


By Linda Moore

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