Home Maintenance for October

  1. Clean dryer vents

Cleaning out excess lint in your dryer vents is important because too much lint build-up can increase your risk of a fire. A good indicator to tell when it’s time to clean them out is if your clothes aren’t drying fast enough or it takes longer for them to dry.

DIY: Make sure you’re emptying your lint tray with every dry to prevent quick build up. You can also clean out the main vent yourself through the help of different DIY videos.

Pro: If you really want to have a cleaned-out vent to ensure your fire risk is an all-time low, hiring a professional could cost between $90 to $180 to clean it out.

  1. Seal outdoor surfaces

Cold temperatures and any chance of cold rain/snow can damage your outdoor surfaces and cause paint peeling.

DIY: Clean the surface that you’ll be sealing and make sure you’re getting in between all the crevices. Wait 48 hours to make sure it’s dry, sand the surface, sweep or vacuum dust or residue, and then apply the sealant or stain.

Pro: If you would rather trust a pro to seal your deck, an average deck could cost about $800 for the pro.

  1. Store yard furniture

Furniture can wear and fade in elements, especially when there are drastic and sudden changes. Store grills, deck chairs, and outdoor sets.

DIY: If you don’t have anywhere to store your items, doubling up on covers to protect them will keep them safe.

Pro: While you won’t really need professionals to help move things into your storage, if you want to store things over covering them, you could invest in a storage unit for the few months of colder and damaging weather.

  1. Stow hose

Especially if you experience snow or freezing temperatures, you should be draining and storing your hose to prevent any bursts.

DIY: Relocate your hose to a storage area or garage until the season has passed. To prevent any leaks, you could buy a foam insulator for your external faucet.

Pro: If you suspect any leaking or damage to your hose system, call a professional to check it out and it could mean a $150 to $300 repair.


  1. Fall cleaning

It’s always good to clean and get fresh air circulating before the cold arrives.

DIY: Wash the drapes, dust blinds, dust ceilings and fans, remove window screen, wash windows inside and out, and open the windows.

Pro: You can always hire someone to do the deep cleaning for you, which could cost anywhere from $100 to $250.

  1. Feed & seed lawn

Lawns can look a little dead after summer has passed.

DIY: Choose a seed in your budget and good for your geographic region.

Pro: You can always hire a landscaper for $250 up to $1,500.

  1. Inspect gutters and downspouts

Prevent any roof leaks and falling leaves.

DIY: Get in there and get your hands dirty. Pull out any big chunks of nature or use the house to flush any small particles. Inspect for leaks, too.

Pro: To get your gutters cleaned, it could be about $150.

More cleaning advice at https://www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/home-maintenance-checklist-october/

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