Real Estate Tip for Encinitas Home Buyers

It takes a lot of skill for Encinitas home buyers to negotiate the best deal for the house of their dreams. From my experience it is crucial to respond to counteroffers swiftly as long as there are no true deal breakers in the counteroffer. If you delay even for an hour, I have seen other buyers swoop in and steal the house because the buyers hesitated to respond to the counteroffer. Worse yet, if you wait too long you might even invoke a bidding war! It is heartbreaking to see houses in Encinitas for sale slip away when it was within my grasp. If you hesitate the buyer might have time to think that more serious buyers are out there and will completely withdraw from offering you the house. If this happens you may not have another chance to own the house you have set your heart on.

A seller never wants just one offer and sells the house to that one buyer. Sellers of homes actually want a bidding war so that they will get the maximum amount of money for their house. Contrarily, a bidding war is a home buyers worst enemy because it can push the price of the house out of your price range very quickly. I can help you stop a bidding war because of my expertise and intimate knowledge of real estate in and around Encinitas. I will help you get a low price for your house, within your price range, quicker than any other real estate agent in Encinitas.

Remember, don’t freeze up when a counteroffer is on the table and no deal breakers exist, be quick in your response so you can snatch up your dream home before someone else takes it from you. Keep coming back to my blog for more real estate tips, and when you need to sell your Encinitas home, just remember to contact Linda Moore with Coldwell Banker Encinitas!

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