Home Renovations that Are Actually Worth the Cost

If you’ve grown tired of the look of your kitchen, you may have considered renovating it. But perhaps you would also like to expand the master bedroom. What home renovations would better suit you in the long run though?

Eventually, you may resell your home. If this happens, you want to ensure any money you invest is going to be earned back, otherwise known as increasing your ROI (return on investment). Renovation costs are sizable, so think carefully before making any improvements.

These home renovation costs are proven to be worth the cost!

  • Updating the Kitchen

The kitchen is essentially the heart of the home. It’s where everyone meets together and prepares for the day. Kitchen renovations have been proven to be well worth the cost. Focus on the cabinets, tile, counters, and appliances.

  • Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom improvements are great for your home’s value! Depending on how outdated your bathrooms are, you could change the counter-tops, hardware, bathtub, shower, or tile.

  • Improving Your Curb Appeal

When buyers pull up to your home, the first impression is greatly important! If your home looks dated, or the landscape is unkempt, visitors could form a negative opinion before even stepping inside! Improve your curb appeal by pressure washing the porch, repainting the exterior, or redoing the walkway.

  • Upgrade Your HVAC System

By upgrading your HVAC system, you can attract more buyers! Newer HVAC systems save homeowners more money on utility bills and heat/chill the home more efficiently. The average cost of a new HVAC system with duct-work is anywhere from $6,820 to $12,350.

  • Redoing the Living Room

The living room is usually the first room visitors see, so the cost of remodeling this room is worth it! Open floor plans are still on buyers checklists! Tearing down those walls could expand the living room and increase the natural sunlight.

  • Replacing the Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most searched for features. On average, hardwood flooring can increase a home’s value by about 2.5%! The cost greatly depends on the type of wood you choose and the room(s) in square feet.

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