Five Tips to Primp Your Home’s Landscaping Before Selling

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Landscaping could play an essential role of the marketability of your home. According to the 2013 National Association of Realtors survey, when homebuyers are making their decision, curb appeal is integral for 71 percent of this population.

According to what Margaret Woda, a Maryland Realtor said in an article from Fox Business, is that potentially an investment in landscaping could earn you a 215 percent in the value of a home, while with a kitchen renovation, it could get you only achieving 68 percent in your value.

Listed below are five tips on why you should consider prettying up your landscaping before you put your house on the market.


You can’t just throw your house on the market. Careful and strategic planning is necessary before you do such a thing. Take the proper steps with maintenance i.e. cleaning the yard, taking out weeds, picking up branches and dead leaves, animal droppings.

Woda feels that if you are having the inkling that you will be moving by next fall, landscaping primping should begin now!

Eric King of King Landscaping in Atlanta advises for you to search the yard meticulously. Find out if your downspouts are functional and clean, pipes are not noticeable – especially if you have a pool, walkways are level, railings that are loose from the deck, etc.

Dead plants also need to be uprooted.

Plant life

The ugly views of a home, if any, are what add to the curb appeal or lack thereof. That’s why landscaping should direct your eyes to the front door. Trees, bamboos and other plants that set a sort of draping action are good to hide things such as garages and trash cans.

Features of Landscaping

People enjoy an area that is outdoors to entertain guest. For example decks, patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, fountains and lighting. No one wants to just see a fence when they walk outside of the backdoor.

Woda feels that features like this could impact an appraisal positively as long as the construction and upkeep is there. Smaller features like cobblestone instead of straight concrete was another note Woda said.

For outdoor furniture a quick power wash to spruce up the assorted items doesn’t have to cost a ridiculous amount of money to repair.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Some people take the time to waste money in doing too much with their home. Installing personal and/or unique traits to the real estate isn’t good for selling because consumers want to be able to see themselves living in it.

“If you purchased a $5,000 play structure and now you’re moving, take it apart and take it with you,” Woda said. “What are the odds that the next buyers will have children your kids’ ages who like to do the same things?”

Spend money where you need it. IF you have a few spots driving you crazy where you want privacy, buy one or two big specimen trees. For the rest, put in a three-gallon flowering shrub.”

Keep it Simple

Make a statement when you’re working with your landscaping. Remove all the clutter just as you would indoors. Having the knowledge of the plant before growing it is key. Grass and plants that don’t need a lot of fertilizer or water are ones to grow.

“Carve out a nice, simple lawn area and mulch the bed,” King said. “Limit the number of plants and simplify the design so you don’t have 200 different plants that people don’t recognize and will be scared to take care of.”

“This is America. We love our lawns. Take care of it and keep it beautiful.”


By Linda Moore

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