Trending Kitchen Remodels this Year

Right now is the best time to start preparing, if you plan on remodeling your kitchen in San Diego. That being said – the fact that most of the kitchen updating happens in spring or fall. That being said there is not much fluctuation in weather, you may not get discounts as companies do in places like Chicago and New York due to the four seasons.

The first thing is first – and that’s finding your general contractor who will do the job well and at a quick fashion for your San Diego real estate.

You may be becoming a home seller or home buyer. Trends are always great to implement in your kitchen, however finding the kitchen that is not only classic, but also ageless is something you should look into when doing so.

According to WHEC Rochester in New York, these are the top predicted trends in 2014:

Going Green: This isn’t entirely a new trend, but going green is the style many homeowners are going with. Not only does this help out with the environment, but it also could provide you with savings in the long term.  Some staples of going green are high efficiency dishwashers, recycled countertops, certified sustainable wood flooring and reclaimed tile for backsplashes.

Gourmet Kitchens:  The in thing is having everything stainless steel that chefs have. However is this good for your budget? Do you need a restaurant sized oven? Most likely not, but flirting with the idea when choosing your new kitchen won’t kill you.

Quartz and Granite Countertops:  Also not the newest trend, but it is also looked at to forefront the trends in 2014. The look is great, they’re sturdy, what more is there to ask? Kitchen fads usually outdate themselves in about 12 years. That said, it’s still the lavish and will make your kitchen look beautiful. This material of the counter outlast the test of time.

Backsplashes: Adds a bit of zest to your kitchen’s character. You could add some daring color schemes to implement a little bit of your character. Another good thing about backsplash, is it is easy to install if you are doing it yourself.

Hardwood Flooring: A huge trend for the whole floor of the home in San Diego. If you want to jump more so into the green lifestyle, bamboo and cork are more eco-friendly. Although it has been in the past, tile is not as popular as it once used to be in the kitchen floor as well as linoleum.

Islands: Extremely popular. Adds more dining space, more kitchen space and really makes the area more dimensional. If your kitchen is too small though, don’t force the option, because then you will feel cramped.

Color: The color should be soft and neutral on the palettes for cabinets and interior paint. This is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to revive your kitchen.

Stainless Steel: Still the top trend in kitchen appliances. There is nothing worse than colored kitchen appliances. Also you could also administer revocable colored decals to give additional depth color and texture to your appliances. By using decals, the color isn’t permanent.

Remember more space is always the key, and having a timeless je ne sais quoi is what will always keep your home revived. Find a general contractor and see the rates and the different styles available.  

By Linda Moore

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