Hot Air Balloon Rides in Encinitas

If the idea of soaring high above the skies of Encinitas and Carlsbad sparks the thrill-seeker inside you, then you’d love taking a trip on a hot air balloon. Perfect for taking the whole family out for a day of adventure, or for a date with that special someone! There are several hot air balloon tours around Encinitas and Carlsbad, so if you don’t have any plans this weekend and would like to see spectacular ocean views along the coast, head on down to one of these companies and soar towards the clouds!

Panorama Balloon Adventures
(760) 271-3467

Put all your fears about hot air balloons to rest, and head over for a trip of a lifetime at Panorama Balloon Adventures. Their experienced FAA pilots boast a perfect safety record so you know that you and your guests will be in good hands. They offer plenty of adventurous and exciting trips all over the surrounding areas of Encinitas and Carlsbad. Take a romantic trip to see the beautiful sunrise over Temecula wine country or watch a romantic sunset over Del Mar. Everyone gets a complimentary 5 X 7 souvenir picture from the trip, and wedding, birthday, and anniversary banners are available as well. Call now and plan the trip of the year. The skis are calling you to join them!

(800) 759-7433

Hot air balloon rides over the skis of Encinitas offer breathtaking views of the area. Perfect for marriage proposals, anniversaries, graduations, or for any other special occasion. Plan on spending around 4 hours, and it’s best to join them in the morning to fully bask in the day’s majestic atmosphere. You’ll be involved in the whole process from inflating the balloon all the way to landing after an extraordinary experience full of fantastic views (so don’t forget your camera!) Gift certificates are available so call now and book your trip for that special occasion that you’ll not soon forget!

Sun Balloon Rides
(800) 350-9122

This award winning company goes above and beyond your expectations to make sure that your trip is a memorable one. Start out in Del Mar and float about 2,000 to 3,000 feet above ground and see all the beautiful views across North County, Encinitas, and Carlsbad. Sun Balloon Rides has champagne available for special occasions and everyone gets a free digital picture and frame of you’re the passengers on the trip. Special rates and custom rides are available, so make sure to call one of their friendly customer service reps who will help you plan the perfect ride over the coast, across the countryside, or anywhere in between!

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