Household Item Making 2018 Easier

According to HGTV, these household items will make 2018 a lot easier. I just may have to buy some of these myself!

1. Retro-style breakfast station

Breakfast is obviously the most important meal of the day! Somehow, we always manage to spill the coffee or leave messes behind, so we opt in for buying from our favorite coffee shop. This breakfast center looks retro, but it’s definitely a thing for the future.

Price: $37.99

2. Smart thermostat

How often are you opening your weather app or watch the local weather station just to find out they were wrong? This thermostat is Alexa-compatible that allows you to control your own temperature and learn the temperature outside right where you live.

Price: $249

3. Handy steamer

When you are on the go and forget to iron or steam, this steamer fits perfectly in the car or desk without looking out of place – sans ironing board.

Price: $19.99

4. Smart scale

With your New Year’s resolutions to be healthier, this could really go to good use. You can watch your results as this scale connects to programs on your phone and computer, providing helpful insight to your progress.

Price: $129.95

5. Portable printer

This little printer can connect to your phone and print whatever pictures you take and want to save.

Price: $150

6. Baker’s miracle

Cook two dishes with the same too. Don’t worry about trying to fit two different dishes in the oven. This allows you to cook two dishes by separating them in half.

Price: $20.39

7. Futuristic lawn mower

Enjoy the weather without grass stains or mowing. This robot mows the whole yard, almost like a Roku for the outdoors!

Price: $699

8. THE plug

This plug in allows you to control your home electronics from anywhere. It can play your music, turn down the temperature, or check to see if people are home.

Price: $29.99

9. Perfect planter

This planter has an automatic watering system to help those busy-bodies just trying to grow some plants. With a chalkboard exterior, you’ll always know which plant is which.

Price: $139

10. The big wine glass (BIG)

Sit back, relax, and really enjoy your wine with this XXL wine glass. This huge glass can fit your entire bottle of wine, so no need to chug it straight from the bottle. It’s much classier this way.

Price: $9.99


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