How to Choose the Best Neighborhood

You can’t believe it! You’ve had your first child; now, you have another bundle of joy on the way. The apartment you’re in is okay, but you want your children to have a yard to play in and a bigger home so that everyone can have their own room. You talk it over with your spouse, and you both agree, it’s time to make a move. The only question you have is, “How on earth do we choose the best neighborhood?”

Most real estate agents will tell you, the number one thing to consider when choosing a home is the location. There are many aspects about a home that you can change, but location is not one of them. Below are four things to consider when choosing the best neighborhood for your family.

#1: School District

This one is no secret: the better the school district, the better the property value. You want your children to attend a school with high test scores. Normally, the higher the test scores, the higher the funding. Choosing a great school district is paramount to your child’s learning. We live in an academically competitive world today. If you want your children to be prepared for the future, then make sure they are in a school district that produces higher test scores, and a curriculum that prepares them for the intellectual advancements of the world.

#2: Nearby Markets

Let’s face it. When you have two or more little ones, you’re going to be shopping A LOT! So, it’ll be in your best interest to look for a home that is surrounded by grocery stores and shops you frequently visit. Is there a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s nearby? Choose a neighborhood that is near grocery stores known for having fresh fruit and vegetables. Your family’s health is everything. You can tell a lot about a neighborhood simply by investigating its nearby shops. When you drive through the neighborhood you want to live in, what do you see? Are there workout studios and froyo places nearby, or do you see several places to buy alcoholic beverages, and empty car lots? Look around you. Choose the neighborhood that has accommodations suited for your family.

#3: Beauty

The reality is, you would like to have some scenery to marvel at when coming home from a long day of work. Look around. What does the landscaping look like. Is it trimmed, vibrant and green? Is it brown and gray, with minimal evidence of effort? Look at your potential neighbors’ houses, are their yards manicured, and are their homes free of debris? There is nothing like coming home from a long work week, and marveling at your neighborhood. When you’re able to come home to a peaceful and well manicured community, you feel like all of the hard work you’re putting in at work is worth it.

#4: Potential for Growth

Moving into a dying neighborhood is one of the worst things you can do. It would be a shame to move into your dream home only to consider relocating three years later due to the decline of the neighborhood. This includes the construction of undesirable buildings! Choose a place where you see a little bit of construction. Is the city building a new rec center? Are they repaving the roads. All of these are signs of a thriving neighborhood.

Choosing your next home is far from easy, but with these tips you’ll be better equipped on what to look for during your next search. Thank you for reading.

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