Top Areas to Live Near Encinitas

Are you looking to move near California? Some areas are better than others in terms of convenience, neighborhoods, and real estate. If you are thinking of moving somewhere close to Encinitas, consider these few neighborhoods! 

5 Great Neighborhoods Near Encinitas

It is no secret that Encinitas has a terrific community and is a great place to live. While Encinitas ranks as one of the most expensive places to live in California, there is a good reason for that! Encinitas is a safe town with a lot of shops and is close to the ocean. If you are thinking of settling down in the California area, here are a few cities near Encinitas to consider:

  1.  Cardiff-by-the-Sea: This  town is beautiful and usually referred to as Cardiff. It is a beach community in the city of Encinitas. The weather is nice and the quality of life is high!
  2.  Carlsbad: This city is located near San Diego, California. It is known for surfing and a huge theme park! Carlsbad is not only beautiful, but there is a lot to do there. The current median home price for Carlsbad is just over 1 million.
  3. Rancho Santa Fe: This is a more expensive city to live in, but the price tag is worth it! The area is beautiful and the shops are close by. Crime rates are low and the quality of life is high!
  4. San Marcos: Another great area by Encinitas is San Marcos. This town is somewhat more affordable than the others, with the median home price close to $700,000
  5. Oceanside: As the name would imply, this area is an oceanside town! It is known for beautiful views, hiking trails, and a great community. 
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