How to Clean Hardwood Floors in Your Home


As a homeowner, the upkeep of your home is essential. Hardwood floors can often be difficult to maintain, but there are a few tips you can keep in mind to make the job easier:

1. Sweep or Vacuum First: Dirt on your floors will make the process harder on your mop and tools. Make sure you are getting the first layer of dust or dirt off before cleaning. The secret to keeping hardwood floors clean is to make sure that you are consistently removing the build up the right way!

2. Get a Routine Going: You should clean your floors at least once a week. This can keep your floors looking fresh, instead of dull. Deep cleaning should be done at least once a month. Deep cleaning can consist of using a deep cleaning and putting your elbow into it! Depending on how often your floor is used and who is stepping on it, the amount of deep cleans per month can change.

3. Check Out Natural Products: Vinegar and water can actually dull your floors if you use it long-term! Opt for a natural cleaning product, or a spray solution that is designed for hardwood. If you are looking for a stronger cleaning product, items like the Bona wood cleaner can be helpful for getting out the trapped dirt on your floors! 

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